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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Send Remittance Worldwide

Your first remittance to the Philippines fee-FREE.

Learn how to Send Remittance Worldwide or make Online Money Transfer Faster than ever before . . .

Each year more than $168 billion worth of money is transferred internationally. A large percentage of this money is sent by foreign immigrants to support friends and family and invest in their home country. Additionally, due to the popular trend of outsourcing, many small businesses use money transfers to pay foreign-based contractors.

• Low fees
   80% cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram’s online services

• Convenience
  Senders can transfer money anywhere and anytime they are online

• Reliability
  It offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee

• Flexibility
   Unlike with traditional money transfer companies,
   Offers direct deposit to a bank account, cash pick up,
   secure debit cards, or home delivery.

*Experience sending money online without waiting in-line after direct deposit to a bank account. . .

*Send money from the convenience of your computer to friends and family worldwide. . .
Sending money worldwide with ease.

With this online money transfer service you can send money worldwide from any computer with internet access to friends and family in more than 30 countries.

You can have funds withdrawn directly from your U.S. bank account to fund the money transfer, or pay using major credit cards. Recipients will be able to pick up the money in cash, have the money directly deposited into their bank account, or delivered to their home address.

Your Recipient Countries can receive cash in local currency or US dollars.

We offers money transfer services to over 30 countries worldwide.

CLICK COUNTRY DESTINATION - These countries include:

Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay.

Xoom to the COUNTRY you wish to send your MONEY now!  click the link of the country...

*The World's Fastest, Reliable money transfers to all over the world at a great price from the convenience of your computer.

Xoom (pronounced zoom) is one of the only companies committed to developing a global online-to-offline money transfer network. Xoom enables its customers to leverage the power of the internet to send money 24/7 to countries around the globe. Long gone are the days when senders need to spend time driving to and waiting in line at an old-fashioned money transfer location.

Xoom satisfied customer's. . .
"Fast, easy and inexpensive! Better than any of the others!!! The customer service was excellent and very professional." -Glenn
"Easy to use and send. The most cost effective way to send money that we have found that we trust. We have used Xoom for several yrs now and have no problems." -Cherry
"I've been using Xoom for quite a while now and every time I sent money it always gets there on time and my relatives back home don't have a hard time picking up the money. I just love the service. I've tried western union but I’m not satisfied with their service....they give my relatives a hard time claiming the money that's been sent to them and they ask for extra fee even though I already paid for the fee of sending it here in U.S. Keep up the good work and Xoom is number one. Thanks a million...." -I
"It's convenient fast and reliable. The one thing I like the most once I remit on line they will send you a confirmation # which is good. They will keep sending you email about the progress like the money is on the way words like that is you can trust Xoom. I like it and love what they doing to people like us. I mean when it comes to sending money to our love ones." -Cora

PROMO! - Send your first remittance to the Philippines fee-FREE! 

Your first remittance to the Philippines fee-FREE.